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About Us

Vertegy is recognized as the foremost leader in the application of sustainable strategies in the country. Since our founding in February 2005, our mission has focused on assisting project teams in achieving their sustainable goals, specifically by using the US Green Building Council’s LEED® rating system to measure building performance wherever possible.

Vertegy LLC is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). All Vertegy employees are accredited by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), the accreditation body of USGBC. The design, construction and facilities management experience possessed by our professionals provide Vertegy with the ability to integrate into the team and act as a resource to ensure the success of LEED in each project. Vertegy has demonstrated its expertise in coordinating the building design effort, managing the value engineering effort, providing management during the specification development, understanding the LEED submittal process, conducting the management and assembly of the certification submittal and providing any other assistance necessary to ensure a successful LEED project experience.

As the popularity of sustainable buildings rises, Vertegy finds it necessary to outpace the competition; developing in-house expertise, management tools, processes and partners with the experience that results in the achievement of high-performance buildings. We know how to achieve sustainability and design within the project budget, and we work with our clients to help them develop a deeper understanding of sustainability.

Sustainability is all we do! Vertegy was founded on one basic principle; we will function as a center for excellence. If we cannot provide a service which is world-class, we simply will not provide that service. We concentrate on continually growing our knowledge base of sustainable strategies, materials, systems and processes in order to accentuate a team’s ability to achieve their desired goals as they relate to sustainability and the pursuit of certification through any particular rating system.

The ability to effectively and affordably guide projects through the LEED certification process is essential. It is also critical to do this in an effective, affordable manner. Vertegy understands the integrated delivery process, which results in cost-effective solutions and an aesthetically beautiful building where form follows function. This unique perspective stems from our origins as the sustainability consulting arm of Alberici Corporation. After eight years of support and mentorship from Alberici, Vertegy became a separate entity in August 2013, and is today recognized as Vertegy LLC.