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Founder's Message

Vertegy was formed because of the passion I feel toward sustainable design and construction. The completion of the Alberici Headquarters building led me to find a renewed energy and interest in an industry in which I have grown up. Three generations of my family before me worked as contractors. My family took great pride in what they did for a living and in the contributions they made through their actions in the community and the industry. As a fourth generation constructor, now consultant, I understand the importance of changing the way project teams deliver projects. If we do not adapt and evolve our processes, there will be nothing left for future generations.

Sustainable design and construction - true philosophical sustainability - is a process where historic construction methodology is replaced with a project team mentality of “good is not good enough unless it is the best.” What I observed in my first 20 years of working in the industry, and then validated during the construction of the new Alberici Headquarters in St. Louis, was that few who were educated in the traditional delivery team method were willing to use sustainability as a way to raise the bar or create long-term value for the owner and building occupants. I realized there was a need to change our project delivery model and keep our team focused on sustainability as it applies to the entire construction process.

Vertegy has the capability to seamlessly integrate with your team and assist them in creating greater owner value and occupant satisfaction through the application of sustainable strategies.

If the motivation of the team is to create a high performance building; create a low impact development; demonstrate an environmentally sensitive commitment or have a project certified by a third party such as LEED or Green Globes, Vertegy can help.

Thomas A. Taylor – LEED™ AP BC+D, GSAS-CGP