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Vertegy Services

LEED certification validates the commitment each organization has to the community, the environment and its employees. Our experience working with project teams has taught us that a successful LEED certification process is one that requires an integrated approach to the owner’s commitment, design, procurement and construction methods. A cooperative relationship must be in place to successfully complete a LEED certified project.

Vertegy works to enhance the integration of all stakeholders in the project. To help further the efficiency and success of our projects, we offer the following services to each stakeholder:

  • Facilitation of visioning and design workshops
  • Project-specific LEED feasibility studies
  • Preparation, administration and maintenance of LEED responsibility matrices and scorecards
  • Facilitation of Owner's Project Requirements (OPR)
  • Energy modeling services
  • Creation of LEED Project Manuals to supplement the project specifications
  • Fundamental, Enhanced & Retro building commissioning services
  • Coordination and preparation of LEED submission package(s) to USGBC/GBCI for review and management of the review process with USGBC/GBCI
  • The creation of a Measurement and Verification Protocol
  • Peer review and commentary on the Construction Documents for LEEDcompliance
  • LEED Documentation Peer reviews
  • Training and Education
    • LEED specific training for continuing education requirements
    • LEED professional accreditation exam preparation
    • Creation of specific course content

Our facilitation efforts focus on the LEED rating system, working to incorporate these elements to influence the design, material procurement and constructability. Integration of the owner’s goals with the aspects of design and construction streamlines the overall process and reduces potential errors during the execution phase of the project. The integrated delivery model is based on the owner’s sustainable goals. It starts by engaging the owners and developers to discover what is important to them: sustainability, operational costs, building aesthetics, ecological concerns, environmental issues or all of these. The vision of the owner is used to drive the essential project hard points into every phase of the project.